As Muslims, we know that we must avoid interest in all of our financial transactions.
But how do we do that? What does that really entail?  
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Riba-Free Group: All About Interest Bearing Transactions in America 
Out of all of the things that observant Muslims try to avoid, interest is one of the hardest in this day and age. We know that Islam clearly prohibits interest. Allah says in the Qur'an that those who deal with interest have waged "a war from God and His messenger." (2:279) 
But if Muslim can't deal with interest, how do you finance your education, buy a home, start a business or get out of tough financial situation? How do we survive in a world where interest is so common and almost impossible to avoid?
To help educate Muslims in America how to manage their finances without interest, we introduce our new  
  • The core principles of interest
  • The science behind why certain rulings exist
  • When the ruling for interest is applicable and when it isn't 
  • The 3 most common types of interest
  • Common topics like different bank accounts, home loans, general contracts, credit card interest, and much more
  • Answers to all of your burning questions about interest
A holistic understanding 
of interest
Confidence in making interest-free transactions 
Solutions and alternatives to interest-based lending
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